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how many courses do you want?

I love to do dinners and come up with exotic,

extraordinary, creative new menus.

Just write me an Email and I will send you your personalized offer.

but here are some examples of what I do.


Cauliflower and coconut soup with savory coconut and sauteed prawns  

Beautiful playing at the last dinner eve


Miso glazed Aubergine, sweet potato-peanut puree, oyster mushroom, okra, cucumber salsa, edamame, shisho, black radish


Sous vide Beef fillet with lemon.thyme potato puree, roasted sweet potato, sauteed spinach, pickled red cabbage, cranberry-beetroot -pear sauce

About last nights Christmas dinner _ajsm


Ginger, mascarpone, burnt white chocolate, salted whiskey caramel. orange

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